What can be composted at Northside Community Garden

In the interest of building rich compost while reducing the food available to our rodent friends…

Allowable compost items:

  • 6″ or less cuttings from plots
  • Vegetables and fruit scraps from home

Not allowed in compost:

  • Cuttings of more that 6″ (please cut shorter than this length)
  • Cooked food of any kind
  • Egg shells
  • Animal products, meat, or bones
  • Invasive weeds, i.e. crabgrass, oxalis, raspberry (these go in the green bins)

After composting, always cover your fresh compostables with:

  1. At least an inch of composted dirt
  2. A handful or two of straw (when available).

The dirt makes your kitchen scraps less available to rodents, and the hollow stems of the straw bring air into the center of the pile, aiding the composting process with oxygen.


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