2010/ 3/14 Northside Garden Meeting Notes

Notes submitted by Elizabeth

In attendance: Laura, Dan, Nina, Leslie, Matt, Phyllis, Sonya, Larry,
Michael, Elizabeth, Barbara, Abbot, Alan, Ardis, Summi, Margaret,

Welcome to our new members who were in attendance: Michelle and Ken

Big thanks to Laura for running the meeting.  Do we have a volunteer
to facilitate the next one on April 11th?

Lots of succulents have been potted up from the cactus garden.
Phyllis will find a way to distribute them and report back to us.

Elizabeth and Phyllis will be making compost tea with the worm
castings that have been collected thus far.

There may be some bees moving into the neighborhood soon.

We have lots of vegetable and flower seeds in the shed if you want to
plant them in your garden.

Elizabeth has scheduled a big trash pickup for April 13th, so one of
the projects at our next work party on April 11th will be to sort
through things that we want to get rid of.

Membership Committee Updates:
There was clarification on the one household policy, “There may only
be one community garden plot held by a Berkeley household.  Only one
vote may be cast per household.”  This means that the original person
who signs the garden agreement and their partner or blood relations
are ultimately responsible for the garden plot.  It may not be passed
on to roommates.

In April, we will begin holding open garden hours on Sundays from 10am
to 4pm.  Each garden member should sign up for two one-hour time slots
on the hosting chart which is in the shed.  There will be overlap
which will promote a greater sense of community.  We encourage all
members to invite their friends and family to come during their open
garden hours.

Sundays in the Garden:
Elizabeth would like to invite different artists to come to the garden
on Sundays and teach or just do art.  Michelle may also be inviting
different musicians to come and perform.  We’ll let you know when we
get some guest artists lined up.

Ardis’ Plot:
Ardis would like to turn her plot into a demonstration area for
intensive gardening.  Elizabeth has contacted the Program Director at
the Ecology Center to see if they would like to team with us on this
project.  Alan is also wondering if there’s a way to reflect more
light into this area.

Meeting Area Debate:
Elizabeth suggested that we move our meetings to where there is shade
under the oak tree (Flavia’s old plot) and possibly build a new plot
in the center of the garden where there’s a lot of sun.  Erik will
assess whether there is room to do this allowing for wheelchair access
through the middle of the garden.  If it’s feasible, we will vote as a
community on whether we want to move ahead with this project.

Garden Duties Chart:
We need someone to be the garden hosting coordinator.  Michelle has
offered to work with Barbara on coordinating volunteer groups and
doing community outreach.  We also need someone to monitor the
watering of the fruit trees.  Matt is fertilizing them.

NB: I’m attaching an updated member list.  Please let us know if you
have other updates.  I will be in Japan next week and will follow up
with open items in early April.  ~ Elizabeth


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