2010/04/25 Northside Garden Meeting Notes

Notes submitted by Elizabeth

In attendance at the meeting: Laura, Dan, Michelle, Matt, Phyllis,
Sonya, Larry, Michael, Elizabeth, Barbara, William, Alan, Summi,
Margaret, Flavia

Welcome to our newest members: Robin Sebourn and DeAnna Dalton

At our check-in we learned that most folks use copper tape to keep the
snails out of their gardens.  Phyllis has three extra rolls of this
tape to sell if anyone wants to buy some.  Copper banding also works
quite well (you can see this around Summi & Erik’s plot).

*New Business*

1) Jessie will not be part of the garden this year as she’s moving to
L.A., so we need to know if any other garden members would like to
take her spot (Larry’s old plot).  Please let me know by this Friday,
April 30th if you’d like to move.
2) We voted on whether to relocate the city compost behind the shed
and decided to keep it in the same spot next to Margaret’s plot.
Beebo knows this and will inform us if there are any delivery issues.
She’ll be dropping off a load of compost on Thursday, April 29th and
will call Barbara to coordinate.
3) In order to meet handicap requirements for the City of Berkeley, we
will eventually need to construct four foot wide gravel paths that
lead from the sidewalk to our central meeting area and to the tool
shed and compost (with a five foot turning radius at the ends).  These
paths must have borders built up to hold 4” of aggregate with 2” of
gravel on top and the gravel must be compacted properly. The Peralta
Community Gardens recently had Neil Collier do this type of work for
them. Elizabeth will contact Neil to get an estimate for the Northside
Garden.  Because we have to use funds from our treasury to pay for
this, we may opt to only do one section each year.
4) Everyone agreed that we should purchase a new heavy duty hose reel
for approximately $250.
5) The Ecology Center does not have enough staff on-hand to help us
with Ardis’ plot. Elizabeth is contacting an organization called
Planting Justice to see if they’d like to team with us to create a
demonstration area for intensive food growing techniques in Ardis’
6) Please sign up for Sunday hosting hours during May and June – the
sheets are hanging in the shed.  Flavia has volunteered to be the
hosting coordinator this year.  Emma can only host from 10am to noon
on Saturdays.  She’ll have to post her open garden hours at the
entrance gate and let Flavia know when she is fulfilling her hours
each month.
7) Sonya is compiling total community hours worked for each member for
Feb/March and will post in the shed.
8) Elizabeth proposed that we ask Domingo to design/build a portable
sink with counter top that can hook up to a hose bib and drain into a
bucket.  This will enable us to wash our veggies and dishes in the
garden and possibly offer cooking demonstrations.  She’ll follow up
with Domingo to see if he can do this.
9) Laura proposed that we begin planting perennial vegetables in the
area behind the city compost.  All agreed that this is a good idea, as
long as the area is demarcated with wooden borders and the plants are
contained within it.  We do not want this area to become overgrown or
spill into other gardens.
10) Phyllis will post on craig’s list and freecycle that we have
potted plants to give away on the sidewalk outside the garden.  Please
take some home with you!
11) Phyllis has collected a lot of worm castings, but one of the boxes
doesn’t seem to be doing so well. She is going to dump the contents of
that box into our compost and start fresh with it.
12) Robin volunteered to roll the green bins onto the sidewalk every
Thursday for pickup. She and Marty will also put them back inside the
garden on Fridays.  Thanks Robin and Marty!

To be discussed at our next meeting:

13) Is it possible to move the cart that holds the herb barrels on it?
If not, we need to purchase or make individual carts for each barrel,
or move them to a new location away from the BART tracks.
14) Why are there so many big pots sitting in front of the shed?  Can
we find another place for them and start using the benches again?
15) Can we design an effective water catchment system which diverts
water runoff from the shed roof to the sidewalk garden and grape vine?
16) Who will be in charge of watering the fruit trees in the barrels?
17) Robin would like to create a small seating area next to her plot.
We’ll discuss different design options.
18) Myriam would like to sponsor a mushroom growing workshop at our
garden, but we need to get 20 people to sign up.  Is anyone

Our next garden meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 6th at 3pm.  If
you’ve got new topics for discussion or feedback on these meeting
minutes, please email them to me.  Thanks to all for the energy that
you put into the garden!

~ Elizabeth


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