2010/06/10 Northside Garden Meeting Notes

Notes presented by Elizabeth

Present: Khin, DeAnna, Sonya, Deborah, Nina, Phyllis, Summi, Larry,
Barbara, Alan, Leslie, Michael, Robin, Shawn, Margaret, Ardis,
Michelle, Laura, Dan, Elizabeth

1) Barbara will update the sign outside the garden to include open
garden hours on the 4th Saturday of each month from 10am to 2pm.
2) Please be sure to sign up for two hours of garden hosting in June.
The sheet is attached to the blue binder in the shed.
3) We will not be requesting a load of city compost this month.
4) We will keep the combination on the locks the same.
5) Treasury update – we now have $1,377 in our treasury.
6) If we agree to have chickens in the garden, one person must take
full responsibility for them.
7) There was discussion around the amount of pots in the garden. We
agreed that we do not want any more pots placed in communal areas or
on paths.  We must have at least 18” of clearance around each plot to
meet city regulations. Please remove any obstructions and thoroughly
weed the paths around your plots.
8) Most members in attendance agreed that they do not want to have
concrete on the main paths in our garden. Elizabeth is checking to see
what the alternatives might be. Folks who volunteered to serve on the
path committee are: Ardis, Michelle, Shawn, Leslie, Dan.  Next steps –
research what other gardens use on their paths and how we can meet the
minimal requirements. Michelle is looking into policy issues. Would
you like to go on a local community garden tour to look at their
paths?  Please email elzipeele@yahoo.com and we’ll determine a good
date to do this.
9) We agreed to move forward on the re-design of Ardis’ plot to
include seating and a low retaining wall on the south side. This will
be a community work project.
10) Sonya has compiled total community service hours worked for each
member from Feb through April and posted this in the shed.
11) We now have a light weight kitchen sink which will enable us to
wash our veggies and dishes in the garden. Does anyone know how to
install the faucets on this?  We did not agree on a location for it.
Two proposed sites are along the fence between Nina and Michelle’s
plots, or in front of the shed.  Both of these areas have numerous
pots in them right now.
12) Please don’t put plastic or trash in the compost bins. The labels
from fruit are not compostable.
13) There was a request for less email from garden members.  Only
reply to the person(s) you are responding to – please don’t hit ‘reply
all’ unless it concerns everyone.
14) I have created a doodle poll to see when folks can come to the
next work party.  Please go to http://www.doodle.com/ty864qni7hx2mv24
, enter your name, and check off all the dates and times that you are
available.  I’ll tally up the responses on June 23rd, and let you know
what the best date / times are.

* Possible Work Projects (please be sure to mark your community
service hours on the chart in the shed)

1) Rework Ardis’ plot with concrete cinder blocks on one side.
2) Does anyone know how to do tile or mosaic work?  Maybe we can cover
the shed benches with tile and make them more inviting to sit on.
3) Has anyone noticed extremely low water pressure on the central
hose?  The timer may be clogged.
4) All the paths need weeding and the BART path should be weed-wacked.
5) Ivy and weed removal between the shed and fence.
6) General sidewalk maintenance.
7) The shed roof needs weeding and new succulents planted.
8) The century plants need to be removed from the cactus garden.
9) Shall we clear out the entire cactus garden (except for the
yuccas), and create a bed for flowers?
10) The sign on the front gate is falling apart. Should we have a
professional sign painter create a new one?

I hope your garden is growing well.  ~ Elizabeth


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