2010/10/02 Northside Garden Meeting Notes

Notes presented by Leslie

Attendees:  Roz, Allen, Nina, Emma, Ardis, Barbara, Elizabeth, Michelle, Leslie, Robin, Deanna, Laura, Dan and Larry

Hosting and Community Service Issues

Lots of people are not signing up for hosting and even people who do sign up are sometimes not showing up.  In order to encourage more compliance with this requirement we are making the following changes.

  • We are reverting to the old policy of establishing the hosting commitments for the same day/time each month.
  • Sign ups will happen in March for the entire April – October season.
  • There will be a box on the hosting sheets in the shed to initial each time you host.
  • Hosting hours will be every Sunday from 10-4.  If you are unable to host during those times you can select any 2 hour slot that you prefer but you must commit to that day/time for the entire season.  The open garden hours will be posted on the front gate.
  • We decided that you can fulfill your required 8 hours of community service during your hosting time.  This should make it easier for people to fulfill both commitments.
  • If you are unable to host at your scheduled time you must either try to change with someone or host at another time that month.  You need to indicate the date/time of your new commitment on the hosting sheets.  Hours will be checked monthly and people who have not fulfilled their commitments will be contacted to determine if they want to continue their garden membership.


Next year we will have 4 meetings.  They will alternate between Saturdays and Sundays.  The dates will be set at the first garden meeting in March.

Handicapped Compliance

Elizabeth met with Brad Ricards, Larry Wright and Paul Church  (Berkeley’s ADA person).  The city is requiring that we develop a long-range plan to incrementally bring the garden into compliance with ADA requirements.  A committee has been established to work on this issue.

It’s time to plant your winter garden!

Looking forward to seeing everyone.



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