2011/10/10 Northside Garden Meeting Notes

Notes presented by Flavia
Northside Garden Meeting Notes
October 1, 2011
We met for our final garden meeting of the year at noon. 
In attendance were: Alan, Flavia, Dan, Laura, William, Barbara, Leslie, DeAnna, Ardis, Nina, Phyllis, Esther, Michelle, Elizabeth, Michael, Larry, and Robin.
Lots of beautiful garden herbs were harvested and shared, and thanks for the great potluck dishes and snacks that were contributed and enjoyed by all.
There is $ 1,266. in the treasury.
There was a reminder for all gardeners to remember to weed 18in around their plots, and that such weeding does not count toward community work hours.

Meeting with Brad Ricards:

* We need to vote as a community on certain issues and rules
* Gardeners are encouraged to store their own garden implements at home when not in use in the garden
* All plastic pots must be planted, so as not to be visible. If not planted, they must be removed from the garden (including individual plots)
* It is a City requirement that all gardeners keep their plots well managed with weed removal
* It is a City requirement that all plots are to be planted year round, and must be approximately 75% planted per season 
* Majority of plants must be edible plants; some flowers and non edibles are okay, but the majority ought to be edible plants
* Garden coordinator(s) ought to check 3-4 times per growing season to determine whether all plots are 75% planted
* Brad Ricards expressed a lot of concern over the safety of the cob shed in its present condition; strongly advised against any further use of it prior to repair
* No City funds are available for cob shed repair

Cob Shed:

* Leaks must be repaired; there is one along the wall where sign up sheets are kept and the sheets have repeatedly been rained on 
* Elizabeth spoke with John Fordice (architect); he gave some advice about how to repair the shed, although said it is quite complicated
* Larry went to the Urban Farmer; determined it is best to patch the leaks with soil/bird netting/plants, rather than replace roof
* Repairs to cob shed need to be done during the dry season, well before the heavy rain begins
* We need to purchase plastic sheeting; perhaps tarp over the winter to protect against further damage, and repair in the spring
* Should we hire a hauler to remove the soil and leave it on the ground, tarped over the winter 
* Should we get an estimate to demolition the sides of the shed 
* Should we consult with a cob shed expert 
* No vote taken on above questions; perhaps these are to be decided by steering committee?
* Some gardeners may get together to remove about half of the soil on the roof prior to heavy rain, although this must be done in the next week or two, by month’s end
* There are natural building classes – regenerative design class at Merritt College; Elizabeth will contact them to see if we can team with one of their classes to repair the shed; this is likely to be free cost to the garden. Elizabeth will also ask her professor at Merritt to come to the garden to do an evaluation of the shed. All garden members can be present at this evaluation. 
* It was strongly suggested – and the garden member consensus – that we keep the city out of the discussion of the cob shed; keeping them in the loop could mean we lose the shed altogether, which we do not want
* There was a request for fewer group emails – please don’t hit reply all for all garden emails unless the information in the email or the response concerns everyone.

Apple Tree:
The apple tree cannot be planted anywhere in the garden. We will move it to the sidewalk patch sometime in winter, perhaps January

Esther’s Plot:
Voted to leave Esther’s plot intact where it is for now, and not move until next year

Garden rats:
The majority voted in favor of the purchase of an owl house to keep the rat population down; there was some concern by some members of the safety of the neighborhood/garden squirrels and cats

~Notes compiled and typed by Flavia

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