Spring Seed Planting Party – Sunday, March 25th at 11AM

Spring Seed Planting Party

Northside Garden is hosting its Spring seed planting party on Sunday, March 25th beginning at 11AM.

Here are the details on what to bring:

  • Seeds to share with the garden
  • A tasty dish for the pot-luck to follow
  • Zest for new life

According to many-thousand-year-old traditions, March 25th will be good time to plant arugula, chard, collards, kale, lettuce, corn, cucumbers, beans, squash. We’ll provide the flats and planting medium.

We’ll meet at the garden at 11AM, do some planting, then have a potluck around Noon.

Shawn has said she may be available to instruct us on how to construct additional mini-greenhouses. If you’d like to build one for your own garden, we’ll show you how it’s done.

To participate in mini-greenhouse making bring:

  1. a drill
  2. pliers
  3. wooden stakes
  4. plastic sheeting
  5. wire fencing

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Please come and join the fun!


Pumpkin Harvest Party

Jane's Graphic Design Invitation to the Neighborhood

The “Pumpkin Harvest Party” took place on a beautiful sunny day on Oct. 16, 2011 at the garden. It provided an opportunity for the neighbors on Northside and Neilson street to come together with the members of the garden and celebrate the summer’s harvest.

Pumpkins in a Blue Wheelbarrow


"Scarerat" Out Standing in His Field

Face of the "Scarerat"

Detail of the "Scarerat"

The main attraction was of course our pumpkin patch with our new garden mascot…   “The Scarerat.”  The kids had fun sitting in the patch and getting there photo’s taken by their parents. They were then invited to harvest a pumpkin to take home.

Neil in Pumpkin Patch

Other activities for the kids included hay filled wheel barrow rides around the garden, bobbing for tiny red apples, and potato sack races. In the midst of all this activity, adults enjoyed sitting at our picnic table or on the hay bales, meeting and chatting with others from the neighborhood.

Marty Giving a Wheelbarrow Ride to Neighborhood Children

Neighborhood Children Bobbing for Apples

Everyone enjoyed tastes from the garden which included Jane’s crispy kale chips, Robin’s tomato basil goat cheese tart, pickled green beans, and pumpkin muffins (see recipe section).

All together the garden hosted to over 30 people, with some neighbors claiming they had never been inside the garden before. Overall comments were very appreciative and positive. Neighbors indicated their satisfaction with attending an event in their own neighborhood– not having to drive to one– and most of all, for having a chance to meet their neighboring community.

The event’s organizers felt this was an important function for the garden, and have expressed their desire to repeat it annually, with the additional help and input of the neighborhood.

Credit and Gratitude go to:

The Northside Garden Membership for allowing the pumpkins to be grown in the communal space.

Robin Sebourn (garden member & neighbor) planted and tended to the pumpkins, delivered fliers to neighbors, provided most of the food, drink, table decorations, hay bales, “Scarerat” supplies, apples and potato sacks.

Shawn Lovell (garden member & neighbor) drove with Robin to pick up the straw bales, created the “Scarerat” with Robin, provided the decorative archway entrance to the garden and gave countless wheelbarrow rides.

Jane Hambelton (garden member & neighbor) designed and paid for the flier, and made her crispy kale chips and Meyer lemon water.

Marty Mashlakian (garden member & neighbor) set up the party, provided music, and gave countless wheelbarrow rides.

Seed Planting Party – Saturday October 22, 2011

Array of Future Crops

Deborah, Shawn, Robin, Michael, Elizabeth, Ardis and later Michelle met to plant seeds for our winter crops.

Seeds to the Hand of Shawn

A $5-lunch was catered by Bebo and served in the Peralta Garden.

To protect and warm the flats of delicate sprouts, Elizabeth and Shawn worked together to build a pair of cloches out of old tomato cages and plastic sheeting.

The seedlings can be inspected in the former pumpkin patch, you’ll see carrots, bok choy, beets, kale and more.



Tags for the Babies

Much smiling was done by all!

Elizabeth, Shawn, and Robin smile