What Can Be Composted in the Northside Community Garden

In the interest of building rich compost while reducing the food available to our rodent friends…

Allowable compost items:

  • 6″ or less cuttings from plots
  • Vegetables and fruit scraps from home

Not allowed in compost:

  • Cuttings of more that 6″ (please cut shorter than this length)
  • Cooked food of any kind
  • Egg shells
  • Animal products, meat, or bones
  • Invasive weeds, i.e. crabgrass, oxalis, raspberry (these go in the green bins)

After composting, always cover your fresh compostables with:

  1. At least an inch of composted dirt
  2. A handful or two of straw (when available).

Covering kitchen scraps with dirt makes them less available to rodents. Adding straw’s hollow stems allows oxygen into the middle of the pile; aiding the composting process while eliminating the need for frequent and laborious turning.

The Green Bin


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