Northside Garden Plot-holder Agreement


This document is an addendum to the “City of Berkeley Community Garden Guidelines.” Taken together, these two documents constitute a binding agreement between the Northside Community Garden Membership and the undersigned plot-holder. Prior to the new assignment of a plot, a signed copy of this document must be received by the Garden Coordinator; and thereafter, in order to maintain good membership standing, be initialed and dated yearly by the undersigned.

  1. I agree to keep apprised of Northside Community Garden events, meetings, and policy changes by email, by visiting the garden’s website, or by consulting the “Troth” bulletin board.

  2. I agree to keep the Garden Coordinator updated with my current contact information.

  3. I agree to sign-in and attend a minimum of 3 out of five Northside Garden meetings per year.

  4. I agree to host “open garden” 2 hours (or more) per month between 4/01 and 10/31.

  5. I agree to log my “hosting” and community service hours monthly on the chart inside “Troth.”

  6. I agree to pay Northside Community Garden annual membership dues of $35.

  7. I agree to bear the responsibility and cost of maintaining the safe structure of my plot.

  8. I agree to inform the Garden Coordinator prior to any modifications to the structure of my plot.

  9. I agree to use only organic materials in my plot, and unpainted/untreated wood in its structure.

  10. I agree to keep my plot at least 75% planted with seasonal food crops year-round, and free of large permanent plants.

  11. I agree to regularly weed, water, harvest my crops, and otherwise maintain my plot.

  12. If I allow my crops go to seed for seed saving purposes, I agree to leave a note in the shed to inform other garden members of my intention to do so.

  13. I agree to keep the paths clear of weeds within 18” of my plot– with the understand that time spent weeding in or around my plot may not be applied towards my annual minimum of (8) eight hours required community service.

  14. I agree to keep my plot free from unused cages, pots, supplies, and tools not used weekly.

  15. I understand that no additional planters or pots are allowed in any common areas of the garden.

  16. I agree not to plant in common areas without a vote of approval from the membership.

  17. I agree to inform the Garden Coordinator if I am unable to meet the above agreements.

  18. In the event that I relinquish my plot, I agree to remove my plants, and leave my plot and paths weed-free and ready for the next plot-holder.

I understand that my failure to uphold the above agreements may result in the forfeit of my garden plot.

Signed: ____________________________________  Date: __________

Print Name:  ________________________________  Plot # __________

Named Co-plot-holder(s):  _____________________________________



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